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Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Hall, University of California, San Francisco

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San Francisco, California, USA
165,000 square feet / 15,000 square meters

Rembe Rock Hall is part of the first phase of development for Mission Bay campus, a new biomedical research and education campus just south of downtown San Francisco. Over the next 20 years, UCSF plans to develop 2.65 million square feet of new research, teaching, and support space on the new campus, which will eventually be about three-quarters the size of the main campus. Rembe Rock Hall is home to the Center for Brain Development and is a major research center for genetics, neuroscience, and developmental biology.

The building’s exterior consists of stone and glass within lines of metal. Arcades and balconies mitigate the building’s size. Inside, the atrium affords space for interaction among the researchers and creates a visible connection between the researchers and staff on different floors. The main circulation stair is open, further promoting interaction among researchers. A skylight is atop the atrium.

Administrative, support, and mechanical spaces are located on the first floor, along with a seminar room and part of the animal facility. Level two houses the rest of the vivarium and one laboratory neighborhood. The third, fourth and fifth levels have two laboratory neighborhoods each.

Each neighborhood consists of two large open lab spaces set in an L shape, with common office and meeting space at the center of the L. Outside of the neighborhoods, there are additional common spaces in the center of each floor intended for all of the building’s occupants.