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One City

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Shenzhen, China
3.7 million square feet / 345,000 square meters

One City is a vibrant urban center between the mountains and the waterfront of Yantian, the seaside district of the bustling city of Shenzhen. This mixed-use development is set in a large park and will include residential buildings in a variety of scales, office towers, a hotel and retail. With easy access to mass transit, One City promotes car-free living in a green, resort-like environment.

PCPA designed seven towers for One City, including its signature mixed-use tower, the tallest in the development. The buildings and public spaces of One City are arranged along a linear park that runs from the bay to a large plaza adjacent to Yantian’s cultural center and government center. Towers are placed to take advantage of views to the bay and Hong Kong Islands.

Sheathed in lightly reflective glass, the 51-story signature tower rises from a square base. Its facades gradually curve to form a circular tower top, alluding to the Chinese symbolism of earth as a square and heaven as a circle. Vertical elements of the curtain wall — aluminum mullions with a pearlescent white finish — project at the ground level to form the entrance. This seamless canopy leads to a double-height lobby clad in frosted glass. The tower will include a 300-room Hyatt hotel, offices, and retail.

The residential towers, service apartment towers and SoHo townhouses of One City share an architectural language to unify the development and provide a background for the signature tower. The other buildings have curving glass facades and wave-like aluminum sunshades. Terraces, roof gardens, and balconies bring residents outdoors to enjoy cool breezes from the bay. On the double-height balconies of the service apartment towers, planters of hanging vines are aligned vertically, creating a continuous line of greenery from floor to floor.

The SoHo townhouses frame the pair of residential towers, 30 and 35 stories tall. A landscaped plinth that includes pools and small pavilions links the townhouses and the residential towers. A shared entrance pavilion for the residential towers has a wave-like canopy that echoes the curving form of its sunshades. The other side of the platform opens to a small private courtyard for the townhouses.