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Torre Sevilla

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Seville, Spain
1.9 million square feet / 173,000 square meters

Located on the site of the 1992 World’s Fair in Seville, the development consists of a 37-story, multi-tenant office tower combined with a 4-story podium containing office and retail space.

The tower creates a new urban skyline. It is harmonious with important Seville landmarks and engages in a dialog with La Giralda, the bell tower of Seville, church spires, and the masts along the bridges that contribute to the rich character of the city.

The curved edges of the podium buildings define a plaza that opens on the north and south and narrows at the center, creating a pedestrian-scaled commercial street, protected from the sun. In the north, the plaza grows to accommodate café terraces, shaded with orange and jacaranda trees. A long canopy and three linear fountains extends through the center of this area, guiding people to the entry of an auditorium located under the plaza.

The tower has a simple and pure geometry. A delicate form, the tower becomes thinner in diameter as it rises. The building is elliptical in shape, with its narrow side facing the city. Topped with a public terrace and a restaurant, the building offers spectacular views of Seville.

Multiple strategies address the strong Sevillan sun and create a visible reminder of the building’s environmental sustainability. The podium buildings includes a green roof to reduce heat absorption. Accessible to the public, the roof offers open space for walking and recreation. To protect pedestrians from the sun, there are retractable canvas awnings that can be easily extended between buildings during the hottest time of year. The design of the tower’s exterior incorporates sun control devices. Horizontal and vertical metal shading devices are used throughout the façade.


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